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Medicine Tracker for the Whole Family – Meds Alert

Meds Alert schedules and tracks pills intake and temperature readings for your whole family so you have less to worry and more time to spend with your loved ones.

Meds Alert is a fully customisable medicine tracker application that runs on iOS v 8.2+


From free text notes to exact timers, Meds Alert helps you remember what is important for you, without getting in the way. It learns new medicine as you add prescriptions for them, detects temperature readings and medicine in notes and automatically creates a colour code for your pills so they are easier to remember.


It’s probably hard enough to understand your doctor’s handwriting, but if you do, Meds Alert will automatically schedule the meds for you. Just type ‘after dinner’, ‘three times a day’ or ‘at 13:37’ and let it create notifications for you at just the right times. It will also learn your preferences if you choose to manually adjust the schedule.

Apple Watch extension

Now it’s even easier to remember the pills because it runs on your brand new Apple Watch!

Full feature list

  • schedule pills using natural language. Just type ‘after dinner’, ‘three times a day’ or ‘at 13:37’ and let it do the rest
  • manage prescriptions for the whole family. Add every member of your family and track their pill schedules independently
  • receive notifications for scheduled pills even when the app is not running
  • see your schedule in a dedicated calendar view
  • manually readjust the schedule if needed and it will automatically reschedule future reminders
  • take notes and temperature readings and later discuss them with your doctor
  • automatically create notes when you mark a pill as taken
  • create visual reminders for your pills by automatically associating a colour code for each drug
  • detect temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and mark high fever automatically
  • export data for later user
  • link with HealthKit to store temperature readings and offer a more personal interface